Our Services

Programmes designed to support the well-being of frontline healthcare staff.

Static Lounges

Run by staff and volunteers, our static lounges can be set up in any suitable setting. Subject to colleague availability, they can be established as a permanent fixture or on a pop up basis.

To ensure that our static lounges provide the highest level of mental health care for frontline health workers, we’ll train volunteers to do things ‘The Wingman Way’. Ultimately, this training will allow you to create a permanent and sustainable well-being presence in your setting.

Mobile Lounges

Wingman Wheels – Repurposed double decker buses, our mobile lounges provide an executive relaxation space on wheels.

Advocating a loud well-being statement across your staff body, they’re fully equipped with an onboard kitchen and service centre, allowing us to be completely self-sufficient in providing mental health care.

Our ‘Wingman Wheels’ fleet are operated using both volunteers and, on some occasions, paid crew.

Preventative Wellbeing Training

In addition to our lounges, our training programme is designed to provide attendees with sound well-being and human factors knowledge.

In turn, our healthcare workers can implement this in their daily routine to better their own working and home lives.

Our preventative well-being training is delivered in conjunction with industry professionals LMQ.

Project Wingman Training 15

Peer Support

While Project Wingman greatly appreciates the generosity and selflessness of its volunteers, it recognises that providing this service many be tough for many in this difficult time.

We work in partnership with the Centre for Aviation Psychology (leading providers of peer support within aviation) to support our Project Wingman volunteers.

If you are a Project Wingman volunteer and would like to speak to one of our trained peers regarding a personal challenge you are experiencing, let us know by sending your contact details and availability to wingmanpeer@centreforaviationpsychology.com and a peer will arrange a time to call you within the next 24hrs. 

Click here for more information along with our T&Cs.

Project Wingman Volunteers On Bus

Our Buses

When aircrew began returning to the skies, or other jobs on the ground (and often in the NHS), we decided to take well-being on the road with our bespoke double decker buses.

Meet Wingbee and Wellbee and look out for new additions as they join our team


Launched at Homerton University Hospitals Trust in February 2021, Wellbee has now toured the country delivering well-being support to even more of our hard working NHS staff.

With a raised perspex roof, smart galley, and flexible seating area, the inside space is welcoming and relaxing.

The awning, deckchairs and picket fencing for the outside allow us to extend the space we can use on dry days too.

Project Wingman Bus 6


Our second bus Wingbee joined the team in July 2021, launching at East Grinstead and has also toured the length and breadth of the country.

Wingbee also has a raised perspex roof, with a different layout inside.

The downstairs galley allows for comfortable seating and a large upstairs seating area which is light and airy.

Project Wingman Bus 4