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By purchasing an item from our shop, you’re directly supporting Project Wingman’s mission; to prioritise the well-being of crucial healthcare workers across the UK.

Be it an item of clothing or a cuddly bear, we have a number of products available to purchase in our shop. All items are available to order online, and some can be purchased in our mobile lounges.

Please take a moment to browse and see if anything takes your fancy.

Project Wingman Memorabilia

Project Wingman Clothing

We have a large selection of Project Wingman Clothing available to buy online. Our unique designs allow you to show your support for Project Wingman, represent the NHS through the ‘NHS Rainbow’ or support our charity by purchasing a unique aviation design

Some of the T-Shirts can be viewed below. To view the full range please click here. 



Every single donation helps us support the welfare of NHS workers across the UK. 

Your money will be used to:

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Every single pound you donate helps Project Wingman support NHS workers across the UK.